What is CRP?

In 2006 we developed a revolutionary program that sounds too good to be true.

Here’s Why:

Under our CRP® program, we execute a client’s existing advertising plan (at their same buying/pricing specifications) AND we become our client’s customer through the purchase of their products/services.

How CRP Works for Your Business

Let’s make a few assumptions:

  • Your business is currently purchasing advertising. 
  • Under IGT’s CRP® program, IGT executes your current ad plan as directed by your marketing team or agency. Don’t have an agency? We’ve got that covered. Our team of expert buyers/planners can develop a schedule to suit your needs.
  • Upon executing your ad plan, IGT then immediately (upon every advertising expenditure) reinvests 20%-30% of the ad spend back into the purchase of products/services from your business.

What do we buy? Our clients range from restaurant chains, automotive dealerships, and travel properties to airlines, luxury jewelry retailers and quick service restaurants. We will buy whatever it is that your business sells.

Your business now receives an immediate return on your advertising investment.

IGT then creates approved promotions using the CRP® purchases to drive new customers through your doors.

CRP by the numbers:

  • $1,000,000 ad spend
  • $200,000 CRP investment from IGT
  • 20,000 new customers IGT’s CRP investment generates
  • $320,000 marketing dollars saved (assuming average new customer acquisition cost of $16)